St Helens Seafood – in Two Parts

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better around the Bay of Fires, someone comes across a great little blog post singing the praises of the freshest seafood that is on our doorstep all year round. Read it, dream […]

Tin Dragons and Surfboards…..a history worth your learning

Often when we travel we look and admire at what is around us but do we really see what is truly special about any particular location. The North East and East Coast of Tasmania is steeped in Maritime, Farming and […]

The most unexpected sights

Often some of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences in life happen when you least expect it; a recent afternoon spent relaxing on a bayside beach in St Helens was certainly proof of this. A beautiful sunny winter Sunday afternoon […]

The Bay of Fires

No matter where you go in the world or how tucked away a destination can be you will always find a local character or two that can reflect exactly what is so special about the location. St Helens local Peter […]

Arts Alive Every June Long Weekend

The June long weekend is synonymous with fine arts in and around the greater Bay of Fires Region, playing host to the Bay of Fires Winter Arts Festival. The June long weekend is kicked off in style with the announcement […]

An Autumn Paradise

I am often asked for my opinion on the best time of year to visit the East Coast of Tasmania, sure the summer time is warm and sunny but one of my personal favorite times is Autumn. April, May and […]

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