Our Area – Tasmania’s north-east is the warmest and sunniest corner of the state. The surrounding hills, and warm ocean currents produce a microclimate that makes the St Helens region a warm and inviting place to visit, dive and explore. Regarded not only as one of Australia’s most beautiful natural settings, but also as one of its most idyllic, you will not find cleaner air and water than the likes of which surround the Bay of Fires and Beerbarrel Beach.

During the summer months, take a lazy stroll along one of the many pure white sandy beaches, watch the waters for schools of dolphins frolicking in the waves, or simply loll on the pure white sand and enjoy the atmosphere and sunshine.

When winter arrives it’s just as sensational to rug up and walk these isolated beaches. As white-crested waves pound the coast, keep your eyes on the ocean, you may be lucky enough to spot the fluke of a humpback or southern right whale during its migration.

This idyllic, beautiful slice of Tasmania is just the place to get back to nature and soothe the soul.

Our Area encompasses many towns and country areas which are steeped in history, take a few days to explore and immerse yourself in our area.  Travel to Poimena in the north and checkout the Goblin Forest Walk, head up the coast to Ansons Bay and beyond.  In the south you will find a number of peaks to climb including St Patricks Head and South Sister.  Grab a fishing rod and try your luck at off the beach fishing.  Bring a surf board and ride our crystal clear water waves. Our area has so much to offer, just come and relax or climb the peaks, hire a mountain bike and ride the trails, we have it all.


Dolphins playing in Bay of Fires St Helens Our Area