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The most unexpected sights

Often some of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences in life happen when you least expect it; a recent afternoon spent relaxing on a bayside beach in St Helens was certainly proof of this.

A beautiful sunny winter Sunday afternoon saw a myself and a bunch of friends gathered on a beach at Akaroa where we sat on white sand basking in the warm winter sun and enjoying a lovely glass of chardonnay.

What happened next took us all by surprise when a small pod of Dolphins surfaced just metres from the beach.

We were not on the coast, nor at sea but inside the estuary of Georges Bay and yet here they were a bunch of Dolphins.

No need to travel to Monkey Mia or Port Stephens to enjoy wonderful sea creatures as we have them right here in Tasmanian waters and accessible easily by anyone willing to sit on a beach and enjoy the surroundings…….what more could you want