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Tin Dragons and Surfboards…..a history worth your learning

Often when we travel we look and admire at what is around us but do we really see what is truly special about any particular location.

The North East and East Coast of Tasmania is steeped in Maritime, Farming and Mining history but at a glance you may never know, however the St Helens Visitor Centre and History rooms is somewhere you can begin to learn…..believe me it’s a history worth your learning.

The Trail of the Tin Dragon is the untold story of the North East of Tasmania and its rich Chinese history. It is a story of Tin mining, of boom and bust, flood and drought, riches and poverty, hope and despair. It is a story of racial hatred and racial harmony, a story of human transience and the power of nature.

As you follow the Trail of the Tin Dragon, the Eastern most gateway being the St Helens History Room and Visitor Information Centre, you will discover the stories of the Chinese and the land they once called home, ‘The Chinese Experience” presentation encapsulates the Chinese tin mining story as it occurred in North East Tasmania.

The breathtaking beauty of the Blue Tier belies its amazing history of toil, hardship and lonliness for those who sought to make a better life for themselves and their families through mining for tin……..take a visit to the St Helens History rooms, you will not be dissapointed.